Voters, be responsible and vote!

Voters, be responsible and vote!

Commission Justice and Peace

Assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries in the Holy Land

Elections in Israel


Voters, be responsible and vote


On March 17, 2015 national elections will be held in Israel.

We say to the voters and to the elected: we are deeply concerned about justice, peace and equality in this country. We care about the human being, whoever he or she is. We promote the mutual acceptance of one and all, facilitating life in justice, peace and tranquility, prosperity and solidarity.

In order to progress towards these aims, we call upon the voters to go out and vote in the upcoming elections. We call upon those who might tend to abstain and thus remain silent to exercise their vote. Your vote, your single vote, might make a difference for our present and future in this country and for the life of many. Take up your responsibility and vote according to your conscience, but vote and thus speak out. Your voice is important.

We hope that those who will be elected will hear the voices of all who suffer in this permanent conflict: your duty is to help the country emerge from the enduring situation of conflict. We are not condemned to live forever in fear of the other, in continuous suffering. Help make this holy land a better place. The great and the powerful are those who can bring back tranquility to this country. All of us together can build a better world for all.

Jerusalem, 11 February 2015