"Catholic Institutions Financial Empowerment Training Program"

"Catholic Institutions Financial Empowerment Training Program"

The first day of tailored training sessions in Basics of Accounting for Catholic Institutions and Congregations has been successfully completed, a significant initiative that aims at financially empowering Catholic congregations. This invaluable training, organized by the Legal Office of the Assembly in collaboration with HLB Sahhar CPA, a reputable accounting firm and certified public accountant, marks an essential step toward ensuring the financial well-being of our congregations and institutions.

The training program took place on July 17, 2023, at the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center and welcomed 25 participants, including priests and sisters from various Catholic institutions and congregations. The training session covered a wide range of accounting basics, including financial statements, budgeting, expense tracking, and auditing. Participants gained a solid foundation in accounting principles essential for managing the finances of Catholic congregations effectively.

This successful start sets the stage for an equally enriching series of training sessions extending throughout the year, until December 2023 in different languages. Each session will build upon the foundational knowledge gained during this introductory day, delving deeper into advanced accounting concepts and practical financial management strategies.

As we move forward in this series of tailored training sessions, we aim to equip the Catholic congregations and their members with the skills and knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions, ensuring the long-term sustainability and prosperity of our Catholic institutions and congregations.